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SeaCom backup telephone system kit

Product nr. 10-005-1007

SeaCom backup telephone system kit

This kit is to be used for complying with the requirement for a backup telephone system on ships, traditionally fullfilled by a sound powered or battery less telephone system.
The backup telephone system meets the requirements of Det Norske Veritas "Rules for Ships, July 2010 Pt.3 Ch.3 Sec.10 C502 and is type approved for NAUT-OC, NAUT-AW, NAUT-OSV

Communication is provided among the below spaces:
- Bridge fwd
- Bridge aft
- Captains cabin
- Chief engineer cabin
- Engine control room
- Steering gear room
- Emergency generator room

- 1 SeaCom 1000 or open frame 19''
- 5 SeaCom 411 flush mount stations
- 2 SeaCom 220 with headset and blue beacon plus sounder
- Fully type approved by DNV
- Additional stations can be added

SeaCom backup telephone system kit